Neighbourhood planning

What support is available

Neighbourhood planning might seem like a new and unfamiliar process, but don't panic - help is on hand at every stage of the journey in the form of grants, resources and expert advice.

In Spring 2015, the Government launched a £22.5million, three-year support programme for neighbourhood planning. If you want to plan for the future of your area, your group can apply for grants of up to £9,000 to help you along the way.

This funding can cover things like:

  • Developing a website
  • Community consultation
  • Research
  • Employing a planning consultant to help

Communities facing more complex issues, for example urban areas, deprived areas or parishes working together can get a further £6,000 and other expert support.

Find out more about what support is on offer, and how to apply for it here.

As well as financial support, there are lots of free resources available to help neighbourhood planning groups throughout the process.

The Neighbourhood Planning Champions Network of over 130 volunteers are on hand to offer practical advice based on their own experiences. You can find your local Neighbourhood planning Champions on this map.

If you want to talk to your local Neighbourhood Planning Champions, email and we'll put you in touch.


Starter kit of key neighbourhood planning resources that include guides, a glossary and video tutorials:

Neighbourhood Planning: Key resources Kit. Frequently asked questions Leaflet (PDF) Neighbourhood Planning Roadmap (PDF) Power of Neighbourhood Planning (PDF)

Got the neighbourhood planning bug? You can find loads more resources to help you through the process, case studies and access to grants and support on the Neighbourhood Planning pages of the My Community website.

Don't forget, you can get in touch with the My Community Help Centre if you've got any questions.